Snorkel City® Premium Accessory Kit

Item Number: 5105
Retail Price: $36.99
SnorkelCity Price: $26.99
You Save: $10.00
Strap Wrapper Color:
Mask Strap Color:
Snorkel Keeper Color

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The Premium Accessory Kit (PAK) can help elevate an ordinary snorkeling experience into a memorable event. It will enhance every dive by giving  you the core essentials every snorkeler needs. The PAK provides you with 7 essential items for 1 low price!


The Premium Accessory Kit Includes:

    • Mask Box that will protect your mask from damage and extend its life span
    • Mask Defog that will prevent fogging up of your lenses providing crystal clear visibility
    • Mask Scrub will clean the inside of your lenses for optimal use
    • Mask Strap Replacement made of 100% black or clear silicone. The possession of which can be the difference between aborting and saving a dive
    • Snorkel City strapwapper that prevents strap from pulling and tangling hair with color option of Dark Blue/Light Blue and  Red/Black or select from various graphic prints. Click to view print options
    • Snorkel Keeper made of black or clear silicone keeps snorkel securely attached to mask
    • Waterproof Fish ID Slate enhances the dive experience by providing easy identification of fish of the Caribbean

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