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Correct fit and comfort. The most important thing above all else when choosing your snorkeling mask is making sure it fits correctly and it is going to be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. A good fitting mask will create a complete seal over your face and nose while preventing any water from leaking into the mask while being comfortable and easy to wear at the same time. Everyone’s face is unique in size and shape which can make finding the right mask seem difficult for some people; in today’s market however, there are a wide selection of masks available to make sure you find the ...
Some of the basic mask features are the skirt, mask strap, and purge valve. The mask’s skirt is the area which seals around a diver’s face and keeps water out. A mask strap and adjustment buckles allow the diver to tighten or loosen the mask until it properly fits around the head for optimal comfort as well as a secure mask. A popular feature on certain masks is the addition of a purge valve, located on the bottom of the nose section, to help in clearing the mask of water more easily. All of these popular features are added to make your next snorkeling adventure as comfortable and enjoyable as...
Unlike marine animals, human eyes are not designed for underwater vision; to compensate for this a mask is worn to provide an air pocket and allow the snorkeler to see. A snorkeling mask differs from swim goggles in that it has a fully enclosed nose which adjusts for pressure changes within the water and should never be substituted for swim goggles. Before purchasing your mask you must remember that the most important aspect of a quality snorkeling mask is the fit. Also be aware that masks today come with several different style options and features; making it easy to choose the most comfortab...
Online “department” stores and general sporting goods stores work because sales associates know a little about lots of products. Other online stores do the same, or eliminate the problem by restricting your selection. At Snorkel City, we are dedicated to giving you the best variety of the best gear at the best prices. All of our US-based customer associates know the ins and outs of a variety of brands and materials and are ready to help you select the perfect snorkeling gear for your next excursion. The best material for mask skirts and snorkel flex tubes and mouthpieces is silicone. Silicone...
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