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Snorkeling Sea Life: Hawaiian Honu (Turtles)

Posted by on in Snorkeling Sea Life
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The green sea turtles or “Honu” of Hawaii are ancient, enduring marine creatures that date back to the age of the dinosaurs. These turtles are among the worlds largest and are known to grow up to sizes of 5ft, weigh as much as 700lbs, and have an average life span of 80 years or so. Unlike their land cousins, sea turtles spend almost all of their life in the water and have developed flattened, streamline bodies with large paddle-like flippers that help them swim through the water with ease. One of the only times a sea turtle will come upon land is to lay her eggs;  when this time comes they return to the same nesting spot each year and can lay up to 100 eggs in each nest. During the rest of their life sea turtles make their homes around shallow coastal waters such as bays or lagoons, which make it perfect for snorkelers to catch a glimpse of them. While these creatures are typically shy, turtles in areas with frequent snorkelers grow accustom to people and are known to swim alongside them. Sadly, these gentle creatures are on the endangered species list, most as a result of human activity; because of this, it is considered a real treat to a snorkeler if you get the chance to swim with one of these turtles.


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