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10)  Addition of upper torso floatation

9)   Safe neon yellow vest for visibility

8)   Locking inflator on BOTH the S.O.S. Vest and the Visual Safety Marker Tube

7)   One complete system making travel easy

6)   Audible Safety Whistle for gaining attention

5)   Visual Safety Marker Tube for alerting boat crew of your position


3)   Made with Pride in the USA

2)   Sizes for YOUR Entire Family

1)   Peace of Mind, for the most enjoyable snorkeling experience possible!!!



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NEW ITEM EXCLUSIVE! SnorkelCity® Safe Ocean System (S.O.S.) Snorkeling Vest

Witnessing the crystal clear underwater world has always been an unbelievable experience. However, snorkeling tours can become a bit crowded at times with some tour operators filling the boat or having multiple boats dropping off excited snorkelers at the same sites.  At, your safety has always been our first concern! While has always offered top quality snorkeling gear to our customers, we have seen a need for the snorkeling community to be able to alert the tour/boat operators when the snorkeler has wandered away from the group, totally engrossed in the snorkeling experience.

With that commitment in mind, is pleased to introduce the EXCLUSIVE Safe Ocean System snorkeling vest,S.O.S for short.

The S.O.S. snorkeling system provides the snorkeler with three indispensable safety items--S.O.S. Snorkeling Vest, Visual Safety Marker Tube & Audible Safety Whistle.  In the unlikely event that you or any member of your family becomes separated from the group simply:

1.           Stop

2.           Inflate

3.           Signal

4.           Relax

This system was designed and manufactured to help insure your family’s next snorkeling experience is as safe as it is enjoyable!

View it here!

Included in this system:
1 S.O.S snorkeling Vest
1 Visual Safety Marker tube
1 Audible Safety whistle

S.O.S. Snorkeling Vest Features:

Stem oral inflator
Brass inflator with rubber mouthpiece
Waist and crotch strap
Try-Ring attachment at bottom of vest
Available in neon yellow
Made with pride in the U.S.A
Sizes for the whole family: Kids vest; under 80 pounds, Adult vest; 100 to 210 pounds, XL adult vest; over 210 pounds

Note: Although a snorkeling vest enhances one's safety, it is NOT A LIFE SAVING DEVICE!

Visual Safety Marker Tube Features:

Nylon heat sealed material
4 foot long
Oral snorkel vest inflator
Brass inflator with rubber mouthpiece
Binding tape trim
Hook and loop closure
Snap hook

Audible Safety Whistle Features:

2.75 inches long ideal for the snorkeler
Emits piercing attention getting whistle
Quick slip on clip
Includes handy lanyard


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Buying vs. Renting Your Gear

A frequent debate among snorkelers is whether or not to buy your own gear or simply rent it wherever you are going snorkeling; there are benefits to doing either. A big determining factor on whether or not to buy your own gear is thinking how frequently you plan on snorkeling.  An advantage to renting your gear is not having to take all your own gear with you everywhere you go, and to just drop it off at the rental shop once you are done.  Most snorkeling places will offer rental gear, but it is important to keep in mind on how worn the gear is and how well it has been cleaned in-between users.    There are several advantages of buying your own set of snorkeling gear. There are numerous styles and designs to masks, snorkels, and fins you have to choose from when you buy your own gear. With rentals there are usually one or two standard designs of all your necessary gear to choose from, which may not fit correctly or as well as they could. All gear is also slightly different which can make getting used to all of it very difficult each time you choose to snorkel. Buying your own gear with the specific styles and the proper fit you need and using your own gear repeatedly will help you get used to it and make for a more comfortable snorkeling experience.    



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Snorkeling Basics If you are an avid lover of the ocean or marine life or are just curious about it then you simply must take up snorkeling as a hobby. Snorkeling allows you to see an underwater world completely unique and isolated from our own.  Unlike SCUBA diving, you do not need an entire setup of gear. A mask, snorkel, set of fins, and snorkeling vest are all basic gear you will need. If you do not have all your own gear before vacation no worries, nearly every snorkeling location you will visit offers rentals on everything you will need for a great snorkeling experience. Snorkeling is appropriate for people of all ages, including children typically older than the age of 5. There are no certification requirements for snorkeling either, which makes it the perfect activity for the entire family.  



If you're looking for top of the line mask, snorkel and fins at an unbeatable price, you may want to consider the Snorkelcity Explorer Set.

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