The business of snorkeling gear manufacturing is not unlike many other manufacturing industries. There are a few factories worldwide that puts together the masks, fins, snorkels, vests, wetsuits, boots, and many other items that we use. These factories are the same plants that many of the big-name gear manufacturers use--their “brand” is more like a distribution company. The molds and dies used to manufacture snorkeling gear are in the hands of the factories, which manage the business of fabricating goods for us. We get samples of products, test them, and choose the ones we feel will offer our customers the best snorkeling experience possible. Before manufacture, Snorkel City decides what materials will be used and how they will be put together in a finished product. If we are satisfied with the quality, we have the factory affix our name, logo, and trademark markings to the products we will receive. We are then able to pass our factory-direct savings to you!

What really goes into the more expensive brand name product? Many distributors in the snorkeling industry utilize the same factories. As in our case, a smaller, possibly less-recognized “brand” is manufactured in the same factory, with the same materials, as a well-known “brand”. Usually the only difference in our products is price—a larger company often feels that name recognition can return a greater profit and increases prices for the consumer.

Of course this is a simplified explanation of the process. Distributors have our own set of challenges involved in getting our products to our customers. All distributors want their customers to be satisfied. We at Snorkel City hope you are blown away with our quality. It is our mission to do our best to exceed your expectations.

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