The question of owning your own snorkeling gear has been a hot topic as of late.  With the airlines imposing size and weight restrictions at an alarming rate do you really want to pack one more thing? This question can be answered with another question.  Would you drink out of a strangers can of soda?  Better yet, would you allow your children to pick up someone’s glass of water and drink from it at a restaurant?

The answer to either of these questions is OF COURSE NOT!  The reason behind this answer is a simple matter of hygiene.  You have no idea what type of medical condition other people are in.  Or perhaps if they are exhibiting the first stages of the flu or possibly something worse!  Yet travelers every day think it is ok to put a snorkel from a bin in their mouth for hours on end.  You have no idea who had that mouthpiece in their mouth before you, or the health of that person.

The average expense for a doctor’s visit is $155, plus medication just for the flu can cost over $50.  This doesn’t take into account taking sick days off of work or running your kids to the doctor’s office and missing school.  All these expenses could be avoided just by bringing your own mask and snorkel with on your next cruise, vacation, weekend getaway or heck even to the water park.

Owning your own personal mask and snorkel removes the mystery behind who had it last.  You know how you have cared for your equipment and whose mouth it was in last.  Your mask and snorkel fit YOU and is comfortable, which in turn will give you a better experience in the water.  That’s what snorkeling is all about, enjoying yourself and seeing the other 2/3rds of the world.  A quality mask and snorkel weighs less than 1 pound and can easily be packed with your shirts and shorts in a carry-on or checked luggage.

Let the professionals at guide you to the best fit and selection for your next snorkeling trip and don’t rely on the hygiene of your destination, bring your own and enjoy!!!

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