Snorkel City® Voyager Companion Set

Item Number: 1205
Retail Price: $297.26
SnorkelCity Price: $122.26
You Save: $175.00
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Set 1 Mask: Add Purge Valve?:
Set 1 Mask: Add Right Prescription Lens (OD)?:
Set 1 Mask: Add Left Prescription Lens (OS)?:
Set 1: Snorkel Color:
Set 1: Fin Size & Color:
Set 1: Bag Pocket Color:
Set 2: Mask Color:
Set 2 Mask: Add Purge Valve?:
Set 2 Mask: Add Right Prescription Lens (OD)?:
Set 2 Mask: Add Left Prescription Lens (OS)?:
Set 2: Snorkel Color:
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Set sail on your next voyage with the Snorkel City® Voyager Companion Set. Suit up for your diving adventure with the finest snorkeling gear Snorkel City has to offer. As always, we aim to bring you top quality gear at the lowest price possible. We have certainly achieved that goal with the Snorkel City Voyager Companion Set


Included in this set:

  • 2 Clear Vision Optics Masks
  • 2 Snorkel City Semi-dry Flex Purge Snorkels
  • 2 Snorkel City Center Channel Fins
  • 2 Snorkel City Mesh Shoulder Bags

Snorkel City Clear Vision Optics Mask Features:

  • 100% crystal silicone skirt and strap for optimal water tight seal and comfort
  • Easy adjusting buckles
  • Tempered glass lenses
  • Fits a wide range of face sizes and shapes
  • Great mask for snorkeling or diving

Snorkel City Semi-dry flex purge snorkel:

  • Semi-dry top keeps splashed water out
  • 100% silicone mouthpiece for comfortable bite
  • 100% silicone flex tube for customized fit
  • Equiped with a purge valve for easy clearing
  • Full size replaceable mouthpiece
  • Adjustable snorkel keeper

Snorkel City Center Channel Fin Features:

  • Soft foot pocket
  • Flexible blade
  • Allows for lightweight, easy kicking without sacrificing a powerful blade
  • Center channel gives snorkeler more power with less effort to provide optimal performance

Note: All fins are sized in men's sizes. Women's sizes are approximately 1 to 1.5 sizes smaller. For example, a women's size 8/8.5 would be equal to a men's size 7.

Snorkel City Mesh Shoulder Bag Features:

Lightweight and durable
Holds a full set of snorkeling gear with room to spare
Easy to carry shoulder strap
Drawstring closure
Front zipper pocket
Crafted with pride in the U.S.A.

Optional Upgrades

Purge Valve:

    • One way valve added to nose piece of mask allows for easy purging of excess water
    • Tilt head down and exhale through your nose and water is expelled through valve
    • Purge Valve in Mask

Prescripton Lenses:

    • Add on non-custom prescription lenses to either or both masks
    • Lenses available in .5 increments
    • Corrects for nearsighted vision
    • Please call toll free number 866-254-0032 for assistance
    • Prescription lenses 400




Wow! I received the sets and was amazed at how high quality everything was and for so little money. Steve helped me select lenses with special optics for only slightly more. Now I can SEE underwater!
The Bags are really nice and fit everything perfectly. I ordered one mask with the purge valve and one without. Should have gotten both with purge valve. Nice feature to have.
Tony, Hurley NY
Your review next please

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