Snorkel City® Pro Companion Set

Item Number: 1227
Retail Price: $285.56
SnorkelCity Price: $198.99
You Save: $86.57
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Treat yourself and your buddy to professional-quality gear!  Our Vista mask has a single window, giving you the widest view possible, and a comfortable, hypoallergenic silicone skirt with optional purge valve.  Our EZ Breathe Dry snorkel is designed with a patent-pending flapper valve that closes when submerged in water to keep you breathing easy.  Deep See's Aquaglide fins utilize Nature's Wing technology, providing twice the results with half the effort.  Also included is a bottle of defog, an underwater camera, and a pair of our Mesh Shoulder bags that fits each set with ease.


Included in this set:

  • 2 Snorkelcity Vista masks
  • 2 Snorkel City® EZ Breathe Dry snorkels
  • 2 Pair Deep See Aquaglide fins
  • 2 Snorkel City® Mesh Shoulder bags
  • 1 Underwater camera
  • 1 Bottle of defog

Snokelcity Vista Mask Features:

  • 100% silicone skirt & strap
  • One continuous front lense for maximum vision
  • Edgeless tri-view mask design provides unobstructed periperal vision
  • Tempered glass lenses
  • Easy adjusting buckles
  • Great for snorkeling or diving
  • Purge valve upgrade available

Snorkelcity EZ Breathe Dry Snorkel Features:

  • Total dry top - flapper valve keeps water out
  • Durable silicone flex tube allows for a customized fit
  • Full-size replacable silicone mouthpiece ergonomically desgned for comfort
  • Enhanced breathing chamber allowing for 25% more air intake
  • Easy and prompt clearing design
  • Includes easy and convenient detachable snorkel keeper allowing for easy travel storage

Deep See Aquaglide Fin Features:

  • Easy adjust buckle and strap system with neoprene heel pad
  • Soft, flexible foot pocket for great comfort and fit
  • Co-molded flex zones to cup and channel water
  • Patented split blade technology reduces drag and increases lift and propulsion, allowing for twice the speed with half the effort
Please Note: Fins are in men's sizes. Women's sizes are approximately 1 to 1.5 sizes down. For example, a women's size 8/8.5 would be equivalant to a man's size 7.

Snorkelcity Mesh Shoulder Bag Features:

Lightweight and durable
Holds a full set of snorkeling gear with room to spare for a camera or other necessities
Easy to carry shoulder strap
Drawstring closure with front zipper pocket

Mask Defog:

Works on wet or dry lenses
Works all day
For best results use mask scrub prior to using defog solution
2 fluid ounce bottle

Snap Sights Waterproof Camera Features:

35mm daylight camera with 27 exposures
Waterproof up to 25 feet
Camera is reloadable
Shock-resistant heavy duty housing

Optional Upgrades

Purge Valve:

One way valve added to nose piece of the mask allowing easy purging of excess water
Tilt head down and exhale through your nose and water is expelled
Purge Valve in Mask

Mask Scrub:

Cleans the inside of the lenses of your mask
Defog is more effective when lenses are clean
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Awesome gear. Every piece is really great quality. Everything was very comfortable. Fins were comfortable, but there was a little side to side movement in the fin pocket. We had not purchased boots- maybe thin boots would have corrected that? Very happy with SnorkelCity and our purchase of this set!
Deondra, Baltimore MD
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