Snorkel City® Silicone Mask, Snorkel & Aquaglide Fin Snorkeling Set

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SnorkelCity Price: $58.99
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This set contains premium snorkeling equipment for the serious snorkeler.   The 100% silicone mask skirt retains a fantastic, comfortable fit for years of use and is available with prescription lenses preinstalled.  Our contoured snorkel is specially shaped to reduce drag and is equipped with a silicone flex tube and purge valve.  Deep See's Aquaglide snorkeling fins boast patented split blade technology that gives you twice the propulsion with half the workout, letting you comfortably extend the length of your dives.


Included in this package:

  • 1 Clear Vision Optics mask
  • 1 Snorkel City® Purge snorkel with flex tube
  • 1 pair Deep See Aquaglide fins

Clear Vision Optics Mask Features:

  • 100% silicone skirt & strap
  • Tempered glass lens
  • Prescription lenses available
  • Easy adjusting buckles
  • Available with a clear or black silicone skirt

Snorkel Features:

  • Curved bore for better streamlining
  • Durable silicone flex tube allows for a customized fit
  • Full-size silicone mouthpiece

Fin Features:

  • Easy adjust buckle and strap system with neoprene heel pad
  • Soft, flexible foot pocket for great comfort and fit
  • Co-molded flex zones to cup and channel water
  • Patented split blade technology reduces drag and increases lift and propulsion, allowing for twice the speed with half the effort

We do not recommend any boots with these fins - for bare feet or neoprene socks only.

Please note: sizes are in men's sizes.  Women's sizes are approximately 1 - 1.5 sizes down, i.e. a women's 8/8.5 is equal to a men's 7.

Optional Upgrades

Purge valve:

  • One way valve added to nose piece of mask allows for easy purging of excess water
  • Tilt head down and exhale through your nose and water is expelled
  • Purge Valve in Mask

Prescription Lenses

Add non-custom prescription lenses
Lenses available in .5 increments
Negative lenses correct for distance
Postive lenses are gauge readers
Please call our toll free number 866-254-0032 for assistance

Dry snorkel:

  • Dry top prevents water from entering snorkel
  • Purge valve for easy clearing
  • Snorkelcity Dry  48d03d930826f

Mask box:

  • Hard case protects mask from damage extending its life
  • Doubles as a dry box
  • Mask Box 48d330edc7de9

Lycra fin socks:

    • Protect your feet from rubbing when wearing both full foot and open heel fins
    • Soft stretchy premium quality lycra
    • One size fits most
    • Lycra Fin Socks 48d1c44bbc10b




I added a purge valve into the mask and upgraded the snorkel to a dry snorkel and think I made ther perfect set. SnorkelCity phone people were very easy to talk to and get reccomendations from.
Charles, Indianapolis IN
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