Snorkel City's® Purple Passion Snorkel Set

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SnorkelCity Price: $63.99
You Save: $16.00
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For those snorkelers passionate about purple, Snorkel City's Purple Passion is the set for you. Snorkel City's Purple Passion will deck you out in top of the line purple mask and dry snorkel. So, snorkel with confidence while wearing your purple gear proudly.


Included in this set:

1 Mako Jr. Purple Mask
1 Tilos Dry Purple Snorkel with Flex Tube and Purge
1 Tilos Mask Box

Mako Jr. Mask Features:

100% crystal silicone skirt and strap
Edgeless mask design for unobstructed side view
Easy adjusting buckles
Chenneled skirt design directs purged bubbles away from view
Small skirt fits most adult women's faces

Tilos Dry Snorkel Features:

Designed to provide completely dry breathing for both divers and snorkelers
Prompt clearing through bottom drain valve
Durable silicone flex tube allows for customized fit
Adjustable mask strap-retaining clip
Crystal silicone mouthpiece

Mask Box Features:

Hard case protects mask from damage extending its life
Doubles as a dry box

Optional Upgrades


Prevents mask strap from pulling or tangling hair
Stylish colors and patterns to choose from
Click on image below to view patterns
strap-wrapper-view-from-back-of-head-4005 90x90

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