The Kapitol Reef Snorkel Set

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Retail Price: $133.49
SnorkelCity Price: $79.52
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The Kaptiol Reef Snorkel Set is for the person who wants the best and is unwilling to settle for less. Included in this set is the Mako Purge Mask. The Mako Purge mask offers unobstructed peripheral vision with its edgeless side view lens design. After all, the last place you want to sacrifice field of vision is under the crystal clear water. The set is completed with the Kapitol Reef snorkel. The Kapitol Reef snorkel boasts the first pressure regulated snorkel. Pressure regulation supports inhalation muscles and helps fight fatigue. This feature increases breathability by up to 2 1/2 times compared to standard snorkels. So, if you're looking for the optimal snorkeling set, the Kapitol Reef Snorkeling Set is for you.


Mako Purge Mask Features:

  • 100% silicone skirt and strap
  • Tempered glass lenses
  • Edgeless mask design for unobstructed side view
  • Easy adjusting buckles
  • Silicone purge valve for easy clearing

Kapitol Reef Snorkel Features:

  • Regulates exhalation pressure
  • Maintains lung volumes
  • Two chambers separates inhaled air from exhaled carbon dioxide
  • Stays amazingly dry
  • Reduces snorkel panic
  • Perfect for all experience levels and ages

Optional Upgrades

Snorkel City Mask Box:

    • Hard case protects mask from damage extending its life
    • Doubles as a dry box
    • Mask Box 48d330edd7fba




Great gear. I actually enjoyed my cruise this time with this mask and snorkel. The snorkel seems large at first, but after using it I couldn't believe how easy breathing was. Never any water in my mouth. Saw similar stuff at stores in Island stores for much more money. Well worth bringing with me. It made my trip. Only regret was not bringing my own fins with too.
Joseph, McClure PA
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