Clear Vision Optics Prescription Mask

Item Number: 3101
Retail Price: $116.59
SnorkelCity Price: $59.99
You Save: $56.60
Mask Color:
Right Lens RX (OD):
Left Lens RX (OS):
Add a Purge Valve?:
Add a Mask Box?:
Snorkel Style & Color:
Add S/C Center Channel Fins to Complete the Set?

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The Clear Vision Optics mask is one of Snorkel City®'s top sellers!  The two-lens design makes this mask very low volume.  The silicone skirt is comfortable and versatile, and will fit most faces.  This mask comes complete with pre-ground prescription lenses professionally installed; Lenses are available in both positive and negative diopters and come in .5 diopter increments.  The Clear Vision Optics mask comes to you with your prescription lenses completely installed and water-ready.


Clear Vision Optics Mask Features:

Please note: lenses with positive diopters (magnification) are gauge readers--the prescription is only on the bottom portion of the lens. This is the equivalent of reading glasses. In addition to guage readers, we now offer FULL READERS. The entire lens is magnified.

It is highly recommended that you either speak to your optometrist about a single distance vision prescription or call us at 866-254-0032 before placing your order to ensure the correct prescription in your mask.  Before calling Snorkel City®, we ask that you have your most current prescription with you for reference.  Please understand that the lenses we use for this mask are "stock sizes" and may require some estimating.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Optional Upgrades

Mask Box

  • Hard plastic case protects and extends the life of your mask
  • Doubles as a dry box
  • Measures approximately 8.5 x 5 x 4.5 inches
  • mask-box-4001

Purge valve

    • One way valve added to nose piece of mask allows for easy purging of excess water from mask
    • Tilt head down and exhale through your nose and water is expelled
    • Purge Valve in Mask

Dry Snorkel:

Total dry top keeps water out when submerged
Silicone mouthpiece and flex tube
Snorkelcity Dry  48d03d92dd882
Snorkel City Center Channel Fins:

Soft foot pocke and flexible blade
Lightweight yet powerful blade allows for easy kicking
Center channel gives snorkeler more power with less effort providing optimal performance
Fins are sized for men. Please deduct 1 to 1.5 sizes to allow for women sizes

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