Silicone Pump

Item Number: 9327

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Silicone Pump Features:

Silicone Pump™ Lubricant & Protectant Lubricates and conditions all rubber products. Prevents oxidation and corrosion from salt water exposure. Ideal for wet suits, boots and gloves, gear bag zippers, hose protectors, spear guns, rubber slings, masks, fins, snorkels and more. Available in 8 oz Spray and Gallon (not shown).

Silicone Pump Directions For Use:

Clean object or surface thoroughly. Shake bottle well. Point valve toward surface while holding bottle 4 to 6 inches away. Wipe off excess spray with a clean cloth. Store at room temperature. DO NOT FREEZE.

For use with Aquaseal Brand Wet Suit & Dry Suit Shampoo: For added conditioning power, add 1/2 oz. Silicone Pump per gallon to rinse water.

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