Kapitol Reef Snorkel

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The Kapitol Reef snorkel is the world's first pressure-regulated snorkel. This regulating supports inhalation muscles and helps fight fatigue and "snorkel panic" as well as being incredibly dry.


What's wrong with my regular snorkel?

Conventional snorkels simply do not facilitate normal human breathing in the pressurized underwater environment. The re-breathing of exhaled carbon dioxide combined with water pressure against your chest creates what we call snorkel panic. As a result, inhalation muscles fatigue quickly, lung volumes decrease, and breathing patterns become erratic.

Why Kapitol Reef?

The Kapitol Reef snorkel cures snorkel panic and shallow breathing problems with the employment of Kadence Technology. This revolutionary science behind the Kapitol Reef snorkel provides support for your inhalation muscles, preserves lung volumes, restores a normal cadence to breathing and maximizes comfort and confidence by ensuring a fresh, dry breath every time.


To create a truly innovative product, our team was forced to question some long-standing conventions and develop different, and ultimately better, components and technology. Here are some of the benefits that set us apart from others in the snorkeling industry:

    • Regulates exhalation pressure
    • Maintains lung volumes
    • Separates inhaled air from exhaled carbon dioxide
    • Stays amazingly dry
    • Reduces snorkel panic
    • Perfect for all experience levels and ages

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