Snorkel City® Silicone Purge Flex Snorkel

Item Number: 4205
Retail Price: $17.79
SnorkelCity Price: $8.79
You Save: $9.00
Snorkel Color:

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This snorkel is equipped with a specially placed purge valve that allows for draining of the snorkel while swimming.  The corrugated flex tube allows for perfect placement of the mouthpiece for a comfortable customized fit.


Snorkel Features:

  • 100% silicone mouthpiece for comfortable bite
  • 100% silicone flex tube for a customized fit
  • Equipped with a purge valve for easy clearing
  • Full size replaceable mouthpiece
  • Adjustable snorkel keeper
  • Contoured design keeps snorkel close to the head to reduce drag and increase stability


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