SnorkelCity© EZ Breathe Dry Snorkel

Item Number: 4208
Retail Price: $39.99
SnorkelCity Price: $23.99
You Save: $16.00
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SnorkelCity continues its proud tradition of offering innovative gear at the best possible price. SnorkelCity's EZ Breathe Dry Snorkel is no exception. The EZ Breathe Dry Snorkel provides the dry snorkeling experience SnorkelCity's customers expect along with a custom designed breathing chamber. The EZ Breathe chamber allows the snorkeler or scuba diver to breathe in the same amount of air with 25% less effort.


SnorekCity EZ Breathe Dry Snorkel Features
Total dry top--flapper valve keeps water out
Durable silicone flex tube allows for customized fit
Full-size replaceable silicone mouthpiece ergonomically designed for comfort
Enhanced breathing chamber--25% more air intake
Easy and prompt clearing design
Includes convenient detachable snorkel keeper allowing for easy travel storage

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