U.S. Divers Madera & Sonora Silver Peak Snorkeling Set

Item Number: 1202
Retail Price: $88.99
SnorkelCity Price: $47.99
You Save: $41.00
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Crash through the waves in your pursuit of excitement with the U.S. Divers Madera & Sonora Silver Peak Snorkeling Set. The U.S. Divers Madera mask & Sonora snorkel along with Snorkel City's acclaimed Center Channel fins make-up this one of a kind set.


Included in the U.S. Divers Madera & Sonora Silver Peak Set:

  • 1 U.S. Divers Silver Madera Mask
  • 1 U.S. Divers Silver Sonora Snorkel
  • 1 Pair of Snorkel City Black Center Channel Fins

U.S. Divers Madera Mask Features:

  • 100% silicone skirt & strap
  • Optic quality tempered glass lenses
  • Low volume two window design
  • Fits a great variety of faces
  • Double feather-edged face skirt for comfort and positive seal
  • Adjustable strap for proper fit

U.S. Divers Sonora Snorkel Features:

  • Contoured shape of snorkel provides exellent fit
  • Flex tube for easier movement
  • Semi-dry top keeps splashed water out
  • Easy clear purge valve
  • Comfortable flexible mouth piece

Snorkel City Center Channel Fins Features:

  • Soft foot pocket
  • Flexible blade
  • Allows for lightweight easy kicking yet has powerful blade
  • Center channel gives snorkeler more power with less effort providing optimal performance
  • For bare feet or neoprene socks only. Boots not recommended

Note: Fins sizes are in men sizes only. Women sizes are approximately 1 to 1.5 sizes down. For example, a women's size 8/8.5 would be equal to a mens size 7.

Optional Upgrades

Snorkel City Mask Box:

  • Hard case protects mask from damage extending its life
  • Doubles as a dry box
  • Mask Box 48d330edc7de9




Mask and snorkel were good. I should have ordered silicone set. The fins were kick butt. Fins alone are worth the whole price. Great service. Great price. AAAAA++++
Jason, San Antonio TX
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